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Hey I'm Allan, Nice to meet you

I'd love to share some of my story with you, and show you that anyone who puts their mind to it can be successful. I often hear from people all over the world, and it is inspiring to see what people are doing to move beyond the status quo. I was raised by a single mother in a broken immigrant home. Statistically I should be working in a factory, just getting by, much like my mom did whilst raising my brother and I. Although honorable, this was not the life I wanted. I could see that there was more to life than working and paying bills.

Allan is a great example of a coach who continually serves with excellence. He is great at giving value and we are fortunate to have him in our 48days  community. - Dan Miller, CEO 48days.com

I love helping people find a way to earn an income outside of the standard Job. Likewise I love helping businesses get online and have a powerful strategy for growth and success. Then of course is my personal favorite and that is speaking and training. I have been privileged to speak to some amazing groups, from youth to corprate. There is an underlying unity in that everyone wants to succeed, and we're all looking for the path towards it.

I grew up poor

This isn't some sob story, but rather a statement of fact. We grew up recieving free lunch at school, Santa delivered our gifts in a hefty garbage bag, and we didn't know how to earn more so that we could find some stability. My mother desperately wanted a better life for her children. One where they wouldn't have to choose between paying a bill and eating. She wanted a life for us where we could be respected members of the community.

I think one of the most valuable lessons she ever taught me was to respect people, no matter their standing in society. This one small bit of wisdom has opened so many doors for me that it is unbelieveable. Learning about what affects people, what they are struggling with, then helping them solve their problem is at the core of what I am doing here at AllanDubon.com

Allan Dubon is a master at helping you unwrap your true calling. In my process of working with him, I thought that I wanted to go one direction. He helped me uncover something else that really lights me up; something that I had walked away from years ago..........Allan is very consistent, caring, and incredibly gifted at helping you push past your limits. My life is better because of his guidance. - Jeff David, Chef at Hometownslop.com

My main goal in life is to help people see past their self imposed limitations. I want to show people that they are built for greatness. Whether that is in life, academics, or business. I want to help people run at that higher capacity.

Do you have a desire to build something greater than yourself?
Do you dream of achieving more than what is on the horizon?
Are you actively searching for a way to better security and growth?

If so, you're in the right place!

Let me know what it is you are aspiring towards. I am open to working with you!

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Have a question? Just contact me.

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