December 9, 2012

3 Time saving cloud based tools

There are many possibilities to release you from you ties to your desktop computer. Living in the "Cloud" is a fantastic way to help you become a more mobile marketer. Living in the cloud means using programs that store your information, and  allow you to access anywhere you have an internet connection. This is great because it can be accessed via, desktop, laptop/netbook, mobile etc.  All of these examples I will be using have a free option. They are each great in their specific way. Let me know which ones you liked and why. I love learning new ways to use these wonderful products. Here are a few examples:



Evernote  allows you to write "notes" in your "notebooks." No longer do you have to carry around that annoying little scrap of paper with important information that you're going to "get to." This is just like being able to file your system into different labeled file folders or notebooks. The wonderful things about this program is that you can attach and share notes and notebooks from anywhere. You can clip things from the web, save voice recordings, create notes in their word processor, upload pdf's etc. Evernote also has an extension on Google chrome browser, and Firefox browser, where you can highlight a webpage or article and clip it directly into your notebook. This is especially useful when you are conducting research and don't have the time to read all of the articles you find. Instead of having to go back to the original website address, you can read it in your note.

As someone in business and in multiple organizations one of the great features is that you can share notes and/or notebooks. If you have a lot of files that need to be reviewed by a group you can share your notes with them. I use Evernote a lot on my mobile phone, they have apps for both Android and iphone. This makes my business truly mobile. It allows me to get work done in the moments in between meetings, or when you are waiting for someone or something. There is also a built in chat option where it is like a living note. You chat and it'll track the conversation for you.

Like I mentioned before they have a free option to start you out. Once you figure out how amazing and powerful this tool is, you'll want to upgrade to pro. I am using the paid option now and absolutely love the extended tools and support. I use this program to work with a lot of my coaching clients.

I also wanted to give a quick shoutout to the person that helped me find my love of Evernote, and that is Kent Sanders, a while back he did an evernote course and it was in depth and really informative. If you have a moment go check him out at:


Want to download and sign up? Go to Evernote  or click on the logo above.


Dropbox  allows you to store online files just like a jump drive or portable memory card. You create your files elsewhere and upload them. There is ease of collaboration with other users of drop box. I use it to send out lots of files to different users where I only have to update the shared folder once and it is updated in real time to all users who you have given access. This is truly a timesaver for business, and any time you are collaborating or sharing. If you have a lot of pictures you want to share, just upload them and send a link to all those you want to share with.

Dropbox  has a free account that allows you to have 2GB of storage. This is the option I started with, and if you find yourself running out of space they have affordable rates, they can either bill monthly or yearly. You save a couple bucks by paying the full year up front. I have now upgraded to the paid plan and I am loving it. I don't have to worry about space, and I get great customer service when I need it. I have been working on several websites for clients and have been able  to exchange large files and lots of information via dropbox. I really like it because just like Evernote above, you can organize it into folders and sub-folders.

One of the things I am going to be doing soon is uploading my PDF giveaways there so people can download them from one single source. It is nicer to have them there because then you save the badwidth on your site to allow for more visitors instead of using it for file downloads.


Want to download and sign up? Go to Dropbox  or click on the logo above.





Google Drive™ is another program put out similar to Evernote and Dropbox. Google has turned their google docs into google drive. It allows flexibility to sync documents, share and have contributors. Google is a free option and it syncs with your gmail, and google password. This is a great platform. It also has a mobile app, just like the other two. It will allow you to create a folder on your desktop where you can choose what to sync.


Want to download and sign up? Go to Google Drive™  or click on the logo above.



I love and use all of these programs. They all fill different roles in my business and daily life. I recommend all of them. Figure out what works best for you and your organization. As a side note, Evernote and dropbox have a few unofficial manuals that you can get very affordably. Here are a few links to these manuals.




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